Jessica wants to know about anal sex

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Jessica’s friends kept telling her how wonder anal sex was, and she was thinking more and more about trying it.  And she knew that Austin, her boyfriend would just love to anal sex, as he always rubs her ass.  It was her tight little ass that attracted Austin to her in the first place.


Yet, Jessica was concerned that it would hurt a lot as her boyfriend was very well hung.    She thought to herself how will ever be able to take it all in her tight little asshole, and the pain she would feel with a dick in her ass.


On this particular day, Jessica was going to meet her friend Alexis, one of her friends that keeps telling how much she loves anal sex.  They were to meet and go cloth shopping at noon.  Jessica decided today should would ask Alexis more about anal sex, and how she got into anal sex.  Alexis she asked, “When you first had anal sex, were you worried about him being too big and it would hurt?” 


Alexis replied, “Yes, I was worried it would hurt, but if you start out slow, and let him use just a finger to start with and always use a lubricant, then use a small butt plus, then go to a bigger butt plug, then a dildo or a vibrator, then the real thing.” 


Jessica asked Alexis, but where do I get a butt plug and lubricate to get started.  Alexis gave her a URL for the website she used to get started.


They finished their shopping and Jessica headed home to get on the computer to go get a small butt plug and lubricant ordered.

Date: 2010-09-27

What a lovely ass she has.

Posted: 2011-02-03 03:53:23

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