Trip for books from the parent's house.

Tanya was on her way with John to his parent’s house to pick up some of his books for school.  Upon arrival his parent’s car wasn’t parked in the yard, so they decided to fool around.

John put his hand under Tanya’s skirt only to find no panties on her.  He started fingering her wet pussy in the car, as she started rubbing his dick through his pants.  They got out of the car, and John put his finger in Tanya’s asshole as they made their way to his parent’s house from the car.

Once in side they hurried to the bedroom, with his finger still in Tanya’s asshole.  John removed his finger, and turned her around and got on his knees as he licked on her wet pussy. 

John put Tanya face down on the bed, and bends her ass over the edge of the bed so he could lick on her waiting asshole.  

While he was licking on her ass, he removed a box of sex toys from under the bed.  In it were vibrators, dildos, and butt plug, along with some lubricant.  John removed his finger from her ass, and put some lubricant on the butt plug and put it in her ass. 

Tanya moaned loudly as John put the butt plug in her asshole.  She loved it when someone played with her asshole.  She never could come just by regular sex, but would always come when a guy does her in the ass.

It wasn’t long before John removed the butt plug, and put in a dildo with some lubricant on it. He worked the dildo in and out of Tanya’s hot little asshole.  This was to open her ass up, so he could put his dick in her.  After about 5 minutes of the dildo, she came with a loud moan.  John was worried that the neighbors might hear her as she moaned so loud.  He then removed the dildo, and put his dick at the opening to her tight little ass hole and slow pushed his dick in her.

Tanya moaned even more as John, drove his dick in and out of her asshole.  It wasn’t long before she came again as did John in her ass. Before they could go for another round of fucking her in the ass, they heard his parent’s car pull up in the driveway.

They hurried to put their cloths back on, to meet his parents as they came in the house.

Date: 2011-02-16