Debbie plays with the Christmas candy

Debbie, and Paul just moved into a place, and all of her toys are still in boxes.  She is home all alone and getting horny.  The Christmas tree is up along with other Christmas decorations. 


Debbie, wished the box with her dildo and butt plug was not on the bottom of all of the moving boxes.  She was getting hornier and hornier by the minute, and was trying to come up with what she could use to play with. 


When it finally came to Debbie, as she was standing there by the Christmas tree.  She saw the candy cane.  She decides it looks kind of like a dildo, long, smooth and round.  She opened the candy cane and put it in her mouth.  She practiced giving it a blow job, just like she would do with a dildo at time, but this tasted really sweet. 


It wasn’t long before Debbie, put it first into her hot wet pussy and used it as she would a dildo.  Then she decides maybe in the ass, since she just loves things in her ass hole.



She was amazed at how easily it slid into her hot waiting asshole.  It went in better than any dildo she had.  It wasn’t long before she came, and felt so much better.


She couldn’t wait for Paul to get home so she could show him her new tricks with the candy cane.
Date: 2010-12-17